Emily Poe-Crawford

"Em Dash Paper Co." Sounds like a big fancy company, right? Nope! It's just one person: me, Emily Poe-Crawford (and my photo-bombing kitty, Phoebe). Hi!

I live and work in a little old house in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, making the paper goods and other gifty-type things that you'll find in the shop. Em Dash products, like the person who creates them, are both genuine and funny, earnest and sassy — the phrase "kind-hearted assholery" might give you a good idea of what I'm going for here. There's nothing that delights me more than joyful profanity written in a fancy script. 

Every design starts as a pencil sketch, sometimes quite rough, drawn completely by hand. As soon as my scribbled garbage first draft looks like something I'd feel okay sending to a friend, I add ink, scan the art, and prepare it for print using software like Adobe Illustrator. The companies I partner with to produce my work are right here in the USA, chosen based on their excellent print quality and use of eco-conscious materials and practices.

I've been working at this lettering thing since I finished graduate school in May 2011, but I am always learning new things and constantly starting over again. I'm human like that.

If you have questions, just holler: emily@emdashpaper.co

You can also find me elsewhere on the internet:

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