STICKER // You're Doing Great

Em Dash Paper Co.

  • Angled look:
  • White woman's hand holding a
  • Angled look:
  • You're doing great! A vinyl sticker with white block lettering and black drop shadow, with eggplant to mustard yellow gradient around the edges. Hand lettered by Em Dash Paper Co. in Winston-Salem, NC.
  • $ 3.50

Just me, or have we been feeling a little low over the past, oh... year and a half? It's easy to get discouraged even in the best of times, but throw a pandemic in the mix and—oops! there go my spirits, down into the mud. I made this sticker because it's something I needed to hear and internalize and remember. Maybe that's true for you, too.

I drew this design with pencil and paper, then used iPad and Adobe Illustrator to vectorize it and add color.

All of the details:

  • Quantity: Single sticker
  • Printed: USA
  • Material: Vinyl with UV coating for light protection from the elements (might fade a little over time with repeated sun exposure, though)
  • Size: About 2.25" tall and 3" wide
  • Shipping: Ready to ship via USPS First Class or Priority Mail with tracking

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